In a now-deleted post, the Republican official shared a video of a man calling two Chinese restaurants on separate phones to have the two workers speak to. Pranker: I-, I know, but right now, I actually live a little bit far away, I am still a little bit sick-.

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Today We Prank Call Fast Food Restaurants, Chunkz, Darkestman And I Do Some Prank Calls On Youtubers and Girls! SUBSCRIBE NOW -.

4,637. Mar 8, 2018 路 In this hilarious Prank Call, Roy Wood Jr. SHARE the video with your buddies that re.

pretends to a call a woman from a restaurant that she recently filed a complaint at. Call your prank target and tell them that you're calling from their favorite pizza place or fast food restaurant and that they just won a lifetime supply of their.

Jun 5.

Mar 8, 2018 路 In this hilarious Prank Call, Roy Wood Jr.

Jun 5. .

Call someone and tell them you鈥檙e excited to go on a date. She says she found roaches in her food, but Roy Wood Jr.

Joe Biden is After Arnold Schwarzenegger Again - Prank Call.



. . Feb 13, 2013 路 Pranker: You are mother farker in the face right now! Indian restaurant: I AM TELLING YOU YOU FARKING SON OF A BITCH.