If a guy says you are amazing when you are clearly down, he might be trying to give you something to smile about.

Apr 19, 2017 · Verily, I say unto you, the public is a hot mess. .


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Edited by Mike Benoist. Like, if I say that I'm a hot mess, I generally mean that I look like shit, or feel like shit, or I keep being a mega klutz, or something. Ukraine war latest: UK defence secretary in Kyiv on surprise visit; 'we could f***** lose Russia', Wagner boss warns.


“Thank you for being honest with me. Live. This episode contains descriptions of alleged sexual assault.

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. Original music by Marion Lozano , Daniel Powell, Elisheba Ittoop , Diane Wong, Rowan Niemisto and Brad Fisher.

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With Devon Taylor.


hot mess.

You may get ready on time, but you always manage to find something that needs to be done before you leave. . The reason why he called you sweet could be that he is attracted to you.

With Devon Taylor. . . “I thought you deserved to know the impact your words had on me. Before it was anything else, mess was a word for a quantity of food.

Original music by Marion Lozano , Elisheba Ittoop , Diane Wong and Dan Powell.

beautiful d. Jun 3, 2017 · Hot mess means a person/ thing who appears to be in a state or disarray.

We all go through tough.

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